Anne is a woman of substance, style, and sophistication, who is a mother, a wife, and a designer, as well as a supporter of women and creative talent. Her passion for art and design is evident in the iconic pieces she creates.



“I have developed a following focused on personalized service and intriguing designs that juxtapose unconventional and elegantly timeless pieces that are never proper or expected. My customers want wear now jewels that they can also wear in 10-30 or more years.”

Anne Baker’s background provides the narrative of her namesake jewelry collection—a study of contradictions and natural beauty. Originally from California, Baker grew up in London as an international student, spent her first year at NYU in Florence, and then moved to New York City to complete her Bachelor of Science degree. Moving from the laid-back ease of California to the cool edginess of London, via the historical elegance of Florence onto the high energy of New York.

She went on to study at FIT and worked at Harvey Nichols during school breaks when visiting her family in London, eventually launching a successful ready-to-wear collection, not realizing that the synergy of her influences would change her future career path.“I had one of those aha moments after my fashion collection Anne Leman grew to include over 100 domestic and international boutiques and retailers. As sales continued to grow, so did the many deliveries, and I started to feel burnt out; I was only 25. It was time to pause and reassess.”

She continues, “During this time, I was envisioning what my next career would be; I realized that my jewelry collection, comprised of tokens to mark special occasions, was a great base for a new diamond collection. The studs, tennis bracelets, and solitaire pendants inspired me to create relevant, everlasting, elegant pieces that you could throw on every day,” says Anne. “It also made me obsessed with learning more about colored gemstones and the history of jewelry.” During a 2016 trip to St. Barths, Anne was drawn to the large mix of Tahitian and South Sea pearls on leather sold throughout the island. Back in NYC, she found herself reaching for them to soften sharp tailoring or to wear with the proverbial T-shirt and jeans. It was then she realized all the places she lived and experienced began to inform her jewelry sensibility: feminine yet unfussy, timeless yet rebellious, glamorous yet relaxed and soft yet textural—which would play on her newfound penchant for pearls.

Recently, Anne has concentrated on building her collection piece by piece with the most skilled group of artisans in New York City. She sketches all her designs with an instinctive eye, creating shapes and tactile interest through the creamy luster of pearls accented and often contrasted by surprisingly refreshing combinations, enhanced with twinkling colored gemstones. She has since moved into highly wearable yet rare gemstones. Her pieces, at present, are one-of-a-kind, custom or limited-edition. Anne has developed a loyal clientele who go on a journey with her—at various life stages with pieces that become life memories or freeze moments in time.

Anne lives and works between The Upper East Side of New York City and Greenwich, CT, with her husband and three children, who inspire her every day.