My first pieces of jewelry were those we think of as traditional diamond classics—a pair of diamond studs, a solitaire necklace, a tennis bracelet. These are staples in a woman’s wardrobe and I sought to elevate them and imbue them with presence, alternative and fancy cuts of diamonds and different colors of 18K gold for a mixed metal effect, while developing a three prong setting that allows these bracelets more fluidity and to move gracefully on the wrist. I am also intent on featuring natural colored diamonds within the collection—those rare but precious stones that enliven familiar silhouettes and add a sense of nuanced luxury to this collection. Diamond rings are bold and intriguing and can be worn on any finger or for the bride who has thrown out the rule book, as engagement rings. Additionally it is my goal to  play with convention and one of my first designs was  ring jackets to wear on either side of a diamond solitaire to create a more casual look – I will keep shaking up the norm but always with a sense of elegance and refined glamor.